Student Council

Student Council: A Student Council is selected each year by each department and appointed via a formal investiture ceremony. This team works closely with the authorities to support the institution in its everyday functioning. This student body acts as a link between the teachers and the taught and also takes on the responsibility of guiding/leading the students appropriately. The core group of this body of students comprises of the main office bearers, namely the Head Boy, Head Girl, Deputy Head boys, Deputy Head girls, Cultural Secretaries and Sports Captains. In addition, each department selects a capable team of prefects to carry forward the tasks at hand.

The selection of the prefects is done by the class teachers and seconded by previous class teacher and the subject teachers. The office bearers apply for posts citing their scholastic and non-scholastic achievements. The applications are screened by a Proctorial Committee. The selected candidates are given an aptitude test, followed by peer assessment, group discussion and a personal interview by the members of Proctorial Committee. The shortlisted candidates are further interviewed by the Principal for the final selection of office bearers.

The Prefectural body does much more than helping to maintain an atmosphere of discipline in the campus. They are the vanguard of all school functions. They organize special morning assemblies, anti-cracker and cleanliness campaigns, ensure punctuality among students, keep a check on their uniforms, and oversee arrival and dispersal of students, to cite a few duties. The prefectural system identifies leaders, hones their qualities and sets them on the path of self-discovery and peer mentoring early in life. The Proctorial Committee provides the necessary guidance and support to this student group, at all times.

The Student Council comprises of the following
Head Boy
Head Girl
House Captain
House Vice-Captain
House Discipline Incharge