Best Practices in School

Best practices for the students

• Class Library

Reading is the most fundamental skill the child ever learns. Without a good reading back ground a child is virtually lost, for it is on this that a major portion of his/her future success depends. To encourage and enhance the reading skills in children apart from the regular library period, children along with their teachers create their own class library. Whenever a child finishes his/her assigned work he/she is free to take the book from the class library and can read sitting in any corner of the classroom.

• Remedial Plan

To reduce the gap between the low achievers and high achievers extra practice classes are conducted to help the students with their concepts and make improvement in academics. The plan is shared with the parents during PTM and detail discussion for the student’s development is done. A fixed schedule for the extra classes is shared.

• Parent Teacher Meeting

Parent Teacher Meeting is a great opportunity to share academic progress and growth based on classroom observation, assessments and assignments.

Vivekanand Modern Academy, strongly believes that effective Parent Teacher Meeting can boost the overall development of the child and helps to promote positive outcomes for faculty members, students, parents and to our school. VMA conducts Parent Teacher Meeting after each unit test and Term Exams. It encourages parents and teachers to have one to one interaction about the students related positive and negative thoughts.



Every school has a culture, texture and ambience of its own Vivekanand Modern Academy takes pride in its simplicity and quality of education. Our entire staff is easily accessible and exudes positivity which in itself transcends to the students and parents. The overall aura of the school is cheerful, trusting and confident.


Effective communication goes a long way in building lasting association between management, academician and parents. We believe in regular interaction with the parents not only through PTM's but also through interactive sessions with teachers, workshops, webinars, regular circulars articulating school's vision, events on large as well as class wise scale where parents are invited to watch and cheer their wards.


Vivekanand Modern Academy school envisions a bright and progressive future for its students and all effort is guided towards the vision. we aim at providing best infrastructure, ensures students exposure to all possible opportunities, well planned syllabi, regular and meaningful assessment, outings, trips and educational tours for students, thrust on sports and co-curricular activities, hosting and participation in inter-school events, individual stage exposure to 100 % students are just to name of few. The aim is to bring up balanced, energetic, smart, well behave, individuals with insatiable quest of knowledge and learning.