Vivekanand Modern Academy whilst selective, accepts students with a wide range of abilities. Our teaching approach allows us to monitor and mentor the individual, ensuring that each student achieves his/her potential. Students are encouraged to develop an independent approach to learning and are challenged according to their ability. Our aim is to install an enthusiasm for lifelong learning to develop the skills necessary to achieve their ambitions and to equip them for life after school.

Pre- Primary (Nursery, LKG & UKG)

At Vivekanand Modern Academy we prepare children with a strong foundation for life. The XSEED curriculum empower & enables our students to develop comprehensively including Physical, Emotional, Intellectual & Social Development. The curriculum is activity based learning.

Primary (Class I to V)

The child is now familiar with the school environment and is exposed to more formal way of learning. “Learning by Doing” is adopted to nurture creativity and to satisfy curiosity. Computer Aided learning is provided for all the classes.

Class VI to X

Training in all the subjects is prescribed to enable the students to attain basic knowledge. Activity based aided learning and first hand practical experience is provided to the students. (The School has NIIT n-guru & XSEED Programs for the students)


ENGLISH LANGUAGE DIGITAL LABS by NIIT n-guru have been installed which will greatly enhance the English language speaking skills of students and make them more proficient in English.


XSEED classroom teaching is an innovative method which helps in empowering the young minds to be more inquisitive and improves their thinking skills. XSEED Foundation is based in Singapore.