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Admission Criteria


Admission are open for Nursery to class 8th.

  1. Minimum oge for admission to doss Nursery is 3 years 6 months ond to doss KG is 4 yeors 6 months at the beginning of the session (i.e. In April of the year).
  2. The School woold inform parents obout Interview ond selection process in due course of time.


Students who ore under transfer from schools (including outside UP.) must have their Transfer Certificates counter -signed by the inspector of Schools of the state concerned.


For odmission to Play Group, Nursery, KG, level 1, parents ore required to submit :

  1. A photocopy of the dote of birth certificates of their words issued by o competent authority at the time of admission.
  2. Five possport size photographs of the word ond five each of the parents
  3. Requisite admission form

For admission to other dosses o certificate from the head of the school where the student is presently studying, will hove to be produced at the time of admission. The Original copy of the Birth Certificates must be produced for verification when required. Application for admission shoold be given in the appropriate form. Children, along with their porents will be interviewed, if necessary, by the Principal.


Prospectus and Registration form con be obtained from the school office by paying the registration fee and completed Registration form need to be depos the School Office with in a specific time. The solid registrotion fee non-refundable


  1. The application for the admission must be given on the apporopriate form. The school reserves right to evaluate the child in any or all subjects.
  2. The school reserves the right to select or reject any application. The decision of the school authorities is finol ox for as grontl ng/refusol of admission Is concerned.
  3. Parents ore requested to give on advonce notice of at leost o month for the withdrawal of their words. Otherwise. a fee equivalent to the tuition fee of ne month shell be charged for issuing the transfer certificates.
  4. Annual Exominotion will be held in March
  5. Cumolative assessment of the whole year is considered for the child's promotion Into the next class
  6. A student who fails twice in the some doss will hove to be withdrown from the School.